If you’re a fan of Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch, you may end up being a fan of Red Lobster Restaurants if you aren’t already.

A Lot of what’s caught on the show is sold right to Red Lobster, and I was thrilled to learn that the seafood chain is committed in partnership with the show to sustainable fishing, and “seafood with standards” according to Delish.com.

So the danger and the toil that you see the crew endure on the Deadliest Catch, could be what you end up feasting on at our local Red Lobster on 34 Backus Avenue in Danbury. The three different types of crab you get at Red Lobster’s summer Crabfest is likely the crab from the Alaskan waters that the Deadliest Catch crew caught. They’ve partnered with Red Lobster for the past three years as suppliers. Casey McManus and Josh Harris from the show tell Delish.com:

There's only one way to fish for crab — the hard way.

Meaning, adhering to the rules of fishing quotas, throwing back crabs that are too small, and strictly catching fish in season, to make sure that there will be "plenty of crab in our waters for generations to come".


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