The 2024 solar eclipse will darken the skies across the U.S. on Monday, April 8th. Why is a solar eclipse such a fascinating phenomenon to watch? Kelly Korreck, NASA's eclipse program, "At the peak of the eclipse, there is basically what looks like twilight all around the horizon — but darkness. There's just something magical about seeing what's behind the sun — seeing some stars, seeing this beautiful corona around it. It gives you that sense of place, that sense of belonging, and also smallness in the universe." 

You should be aware that Connecticut is outside the path of totality which means we'll see only a partial solar eclipse. This means that 90% of the sun will be covered by the moon which is very close to totality. Acording to, on April 8th, the 'Partial Solar Eclipse' in Connecticut begins at 2:13 pm and will reach its max point at 3:27 pm, and come to an end at 4:37 pm. With that said, where are the 9 best locations in Connecticut to view the solar eclipse? Make sure you have your eclipse safety glasses on!

    1. Salisbury - 94.3%
    2. Enfield - 93.4%
    3. Waterbury - 92.6%
    4. Hartford - 92.9%
    5. Willimantic - 92.3%
    6. Middletown - 92.2%
    7. New Haven - 91.7%
    8. Stamford - 91.7%
    9. Stamford - 91.7%
    10. Groton - 91%

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