To create this list of the 6 Most Underrated Small Towns in Connecticut, I researched Google and searched for what people thought were the most charming towns in this little state. Every year, the same websites choose the same cutsie small towns such as Old Saybrook, Mystic, Essex, and Simsbury. I agree they are all cozy New Englandesque destinations. But has everyone forgotten about greater Danbury and all of western and northwestern Connecticut?

Those are the hamlets in Connecticut that end up disappearing behind the TV meteorologist's butt while reporting on Connecticut weather. To compose this list, I relied on my day trips throughout Connecticut over the last 45 years along with various websites such as worldatlas. com, housebeautiful. com, and

The 6 Most Underrated Small Towns in Connecticut

2 CT Towns Voted Among the Best Towns in America to Escape the 'Rat Race'

Westport Hidden Gem: The Community Mural Project

We chose Westport to finish off our Christmas shopping, and while the stores and boutiques were posh, what really caught my eye was a new community mural project that was just completed by some talented Westport families and their kids.

Gallery Credit: Large Dave


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