The score that your school district receives is not only important for your kids, it can also increase or decrease your property values. A lot goes into determining how a school district is ranked, state test scores, graduation rates, the quality of the teachers, and lots more. has tallied it all up and released its latest report for the Best School Districts in Connecticut for 2019. Where does your district show up? Here's the top 25 in Connecticut from

  1. New Canaan School District
  2. Westport School District
  3. Darien School District
  4. Weston School District
  5. Amity Regional School District Number 5
  6. Wilton Public Schools
  7. Glastonbury School District
  8. Simsbury School District
  9. Avon School District
  10. Farmington School District
  11. Ridgefield School District
  12. West Hartford School District
  13. Madison School District
  14. Greenwich School District
  15. Fairfield School District
  16. Newtown School District
  17. Regional School District Number 18
  18. Guilford Public Schools
  19. Trumbull School District
  20. Canton School District
  21. Bethel School District
  22. Monroe School District
  23. Regional School District Number 12
  24. East Lyme School District
  25. Brookfield School District

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