I've been driving around my hometown since the glorious 80's, and by this point, I've been on just about every road in the Brass City. Waterbury has a lot of hills, it's a typical New England town built way before paving was perfected. So you'll encounter a lot of intersections that are governed by a stop or yield sign, instead of a traffic light.

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There have been vast improvements to the city's infrastructure and streets over the past 20 years. A lot of the worst intersections have been redone with new traffic lights, new road signs, re-graded, re-paved, etc. I still hate quite a few though, you know, the intersections where you have to sit through two, three cycles of traffic signals, where someone blows a stop sign daily, or speeding up one of the many hills and cuts you off.

I've gathered together 10 of what I think are Waterbury's worst intersections. Here are the places where you really need to pay attention, and look both ways many times before you pull into oncoming traffic.

The 10 Worst Intersections in Waterbury

Waterbury has steep hills, winding roads, and tons of intersections where it's tough to pull out of, here's my choices for the worst intersections in Waterbury

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