Christopher Belair was a five year veteran of the Danbury Police Department when he was fired in June 2013. He is now fighting to get his job back and the city of Danbury is not thrilled. reports that these are the two quotes from a viral video that Belair is heard saying to a motorist that got him into so much trouble:

  • "If there weren't four other cops here, I'd beat the s--t out of you"
  • “Stop being in this country and almost f-----g killing people”

Court records state that Belair offered Rene Chalco a ride after he witnessed him stumbling across the street. Chalco refused the ride and shortly after was pulled over by another officer after he went through a stop sign and ticketed for driving without a license. This led to an investigation which found officers had probable cause to arrest Chalco for DUI and suspended those involved for not doing so. Belair was charged with threatening and third-degree assault but three years ago a jury found him not guilty.

In September 2017, an arbitration panel felt that even though his behavior was “outrageous and disturbing,” the city of Danbury did not have just cause to fire Belair and that a 90-day suspension would have been the proper punishment. They felt that his remarks were not discriminatory but rather brought on because the motorist was intoxicated.

The city is appealing that decision.

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