The infamous demon doll Annabelle is coming to New Milford on October 30th.

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The appearance will take place Harrybrooke Park and the folks there are pulling out all the stops to promote it. They created a teaser-trailer to hype up the event. The film was produced by Myke Furhman, and it features Annabelle's caretaker Tony Spera, and State Representative from New Milford, Bill Buckbee. The video was posted to Youtube on August 24, 2022 and tagged with the following description:

"IF you know, then you know. Annabelle's story is well documented and her stories have been made into Hollywood blockbusters. The REAL Annabelle rarely goes anywhere and for the last 30 years has been locked away in the museum built by Ed & Lorraine Warren, founders of the New England Society of Psychic Research (NESPR) now run by their son-in-law, Tony Spera. Tony has generously offered to give a presentation of some of the paranormal and eclectic work he has done with them over their thousands of cases. And yes, he's bringing Annabelle with him. She is is a protective case, the stain infused with holy water and holy oil, and blessed regularly by a priest. She is considered by many to be the most demonic and evil item in the world. And you can see the real thing, in "person" for yourself. This is a once in a lifetime experience to meet Tony, some of his research team and share the stories in the presence of Annabelle herself."

I think I have been very consistent on this, I'm scared of Annabelle and I'm going to pass on meeting her. I don't see any reason to tempt fate here. However, I do understand the intrigue, this is a fascinating story that has lived in CT lure for years.

So go to Harrybrooke Park on October 30, but do so at your own risk. Get your tickets soon, the folks at Harrybrooke say they expect the event to sellout in a hurry. Seating is strictly limited to 100 tickets sold. All funds raised will benefit Harrybrooke Park, a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

P.S. How about Billy "Mo" Buckbee? He's so hot right now. I feel like this dude is always into something and has a unique ability to get positive press. Let Buckbee do in, indeed. I give his acting a C+.

P.S. #2 -  I have a separate article coming out soon about Myke Furhman's film work.

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