As the mask mandate for those vaccinated comes to an end on Wednesday (May 19), another retail giant has altered their mask policy as well.

Last week, we were told by the CDC that if you are vaccinated you don't have to wear your mask or practice social distancing inside or outside. The only stipulation would be in healthcare offices, when on public transportation, or anywhere else were Government mandates requires you to wear a mask.

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Once the new guidance was announced, retail chains like Walmart, Costco, Trader Joe's and Sam's Club announced they would not require masks for those already fully vaccinated. Now Target has also jumped on the maskless bandwagon.

According to, on Friday afternoon, shortly after the CDC announcement, Walmart sent out a letter to all their local store executives not only encouraging their employees to get vaccinated, but also announced and put forth their new mask policy where vaccinated customers are welcome to shop without a mask. Those who are not fully vaccinated would have to continue to wear their masks and still practice social distancing. There was no mention in the recent letter if those vaccinated would have to show proof.

On Monday (May 17), Target also released an official statement to their employees and joined the list of high profile retailers who will not require those vaccinated to wear a mask when shopping in any of their stores as well. Starbucks and CVS also released statements on Monday with the same maskless policy.

Other stores like supermarkets and places like Walgreens, where they are a COVID-19 testing location, are not ready to give up their mask guidelines just yet and have been advised by their unions to keep their mask policies in place for the time being before reviewing the guidance.

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