I have always been a huge fan of EZ-Pass and have been a user here in New York since the mid-1990s, but I must admit I never check my statements. I am about to now with this news, according to Lohud.com.

At a forum in Rockland County, residents aired their grievances with the current cashless tolling system on the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge. Since Spring of 2016 you either use an EZ Pass tag or have your license plate snapped by overhead cameras, and you’re sent a bill for your crossing in the mail.

The New York State Thruway Authority collects these tolls and is prone to making lots of mistakes, even charging for trips that weren’t made says Lohud. Then there are drivers like Andrew Wiley, who lives in Rockland County. He ended up with a $700 bill for crossing the bridge five times.  No bill was sent to his home for the $55 dollars. He went online and found out that what should have been a $55 dollar bill with late fees is now has multiplied.Such a debt can result in suspended registration or worse. His story is just one of many told at the forum.  He now avoids taking the bridge for that reason.

State Senator David Carlucci wants to form a “toll payers bill of rights” to address these complaints. Meantime if you don't have EZ-Pass and you want to check up on what you may owe log onto: tollsbymailny.com or call 844-826-8400.

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