According to, the new Target store at Danbury Fair, set to open on April 14th, surprised many shoppers, especially city officials and other VIPs, by opening on Tuesday, April 9th at 5 pm.

According to Hearst Connecticut Media, store director Laura Langlois picked up her ginormous pair of scissors, sliced the ribbon, and then, to everyone's surprise, addressed attendees, saying, "This is our soft opening!"

The grand opening for the new Target store, which will replace the Sears location with 126,000 square feet of space, is on Sunday, April 14th. Thanks to the, the following are some tidbits of information about the new Target that might enhance your shopping experience.

  1. The new Target includes a CVS Pharmacy counter and a Starbucks cafe near its lower-level main entrance.
  2. Drive-Up Service—A dedicated drive-up entrance is located between the upper-level entrance and the lower-level main entrance.
  3. Two Entrances...Upper entrance from the parking lot and a lower entrance for shoppers inside Danbury Fair.

If you're an enthusiastic fan of Target, you may enjoy these 'Surprising Fun Facts'  thanks to

  • Target Began With a Church FireWhen a Minnesota church burned down in 1895, real estate developer George Dayton was able to use the grounds to build a six-story commercial building. Dayton convinced Goodfellows Dry Goods to relocate there. That burgeoning retail business led the family to start the Target discount franchise in 1961.
  • An X-rated Emergency- One Target store had to clear itself of customers and staff in July 2015 after an idiot managed to hijack their public address system and broadcast pornographic noises over the speakers.
  • What's With Those Big Red Balls? Giant concrete balls called bollards are plopped in front of several Target locations so that cars won't drive into the doors.
  • Because Some People Are Idiots! - In 2014, a photo of a good-looking 16-year-old Frisco, Texas, employee went viral and became an internet meme. went viral. The handsome young man acquired close to 100,000 Twitter followers in just a couple of days. He also received threats of violence from deranged individuals.
  • The Target Dog Flies First ClassStore mascot Bullseye, the bull terrier, has been spotted in first class with her personal escort, who specifies how long she can work during personal appearances.

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