The attacks have resulted in parents calling for the Monticello school district to make some changes.

Most parents in the Hudson Valley that have children that ride the school bus each day to and from school, expect that are children are safe while riding a school bus. I think one thing most parents can agree on, is that no child should ever have to go through what any of the kids on this Monticello middle school bus went through the other day.

According to News 12, a video has surfaced that shows one student brutally attacking another student while riding the bus home from school. In the video you can see one student repeatedly kicking, punching and stomping on another student, the attack all took place in front of other frightened students.

Responding to the attack, Rebecca Gentes from Middletown told News 12 "That boy could've gotten a concussion or could've gotten killed. They were stomping on him— it's not OK. There's no time on a bus that that should be able to happen." At the time of writing, school officials didn't not release any information on the condition of the boy who was attacked.

Many parents in the Monticello school district are saying that the solution to this type of problem is a simple one. Parents say that bus monitors would help prevent attacks like this from ever happening again on the bus.

When made aware of the attack, Monticello Schools Superintendent Matthew Evans said they will not tolerate violence, aggression or bullying. Superintendent Evans did say that the school just can't afford to put monitors on all of the districts school buses at this time.

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