Bradley International Airport is after you again Western Connecticut air travelers, especially if you're a Florida, Arizona, California, or Utah transplant.

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I recently asked 'Which airport is more convenient to Danbury, Bradley or Westchester?', and man, there was a clear cut winner in the social media comments - Westchester. Most mentioned that they choose the 80 MPH average of 684, compared to the crawl of 84 through Waterbury and Hartford. I've always preferred Bradley, but that's because of the unpredictability of NY traffic.

Some mentioned the variety of non-stop flight choices that were offered out of JFK, LaGuardia, Stewart, and Westchester. Well, Bradley has upped the ante yet again, 4 new routes have been announced by Breeze Airways that will start in the coming months, and they're unique destinations.

Coming soon to Bradley International Airport, Breeze Airways will start offering Thursday and Sunday flights to:

  • Phoenix, Arizona - Starting February 9, 2023
  • Vero Beach, Florida - Starting February 2, 2023
  • San Bernardino, California - Starting February 16, 2023
  • Provo, Utah - Starting February 9, 2023

The introductory rates that were announced are wicked cheap too. If you book your flight before October 24, 2022 for travel before May 16, 2023, you can get rates on those upcoming flights starting from $79 - 99 one-way.

The Phoenix and Vero Beach flights will be non-stop service, while the San Bernardino and Provo flights are billed as "BreezeThru", which means that there is a stop, but you will not have to change planes. Breeze Airways already offers "BreezeThru" flights out of Bradley to New Orleans, Tampa, Orlando, and Tulsa.

New England's second largest airport, and the 2nd highest rated airport in all of the US is calling Western Connecticut.

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