She started her run at Stew Leonard's in Danbury back in the late 80's when it was just a large tent.

Fast forward ahead to 2022, and now Nicole Weiss has just been named the very first female Vice President of a Stew Leonard's store.

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It's history in the making, as all the years of dedicated service has paid off big time for Nicole, but the path to one of the top positions at Stew Leonard's didn't come without a lot of hard work and dedication.

Nicole's first days as an employee of Stew Leonard's started in the Danbury store, which at the time (1988), was still just a tent that sold mostly dairy, produce, and meats.

Her talents were tapped from the beginning by Tommy Leonard, who was in charge and running the Danbury store. Nicole's first store-wide assignment was to organize kids birthday parties for the Danbury location. As Stew's grew, so did Nicole's responsibilities as she graduated to organizing character breakfast events. A few years ago, she then set a Stew Leonard's milestone as she was appointed the very first woman Sales Director in the store's history.

Now in 2022, she has risen to a level that no woman has ever gotten too at Stew Leonard's. She has now been appointed the very first woman to become Vice President of a Stew Leonard's store.

The official announcement was made by Stew Leonard himself via the Stew Leonards Facebook page, where he praised Nicole for all the years of dedicated service to the store. As Stew mentioned in his post, "with four daughters, I am so proud of Nicole" and he ended the post by saying "if you're in Norwalk, be sure to congratulate Nicole."

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