Mrs. Large clued me into a funny trend on social media this morning, people are coming up with 'starter packs' for every type of person online. For example: The 'Every Cheap Italian Restaurant' Starter Pack includes a shaker jar of red pepper flake, a red and white checkered table cloth, sad-looking garlic bread, and "the restaurant is always named after someone."

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It started us thinking about what items or advice would be in a 'Starter Pack' for people who just moved into Connecticut? If someone from Arizona or Wyoming moved to Southbury, what would you tell them to do or buy to make them blend in and feel comfortable? Here's what I came up with.

A Starter Pack For New Residents of Connecticut

Welcome to: The Constitution State, The Nutmeg State, The Provisions State, and The Land of Steady Habits. You know us as Connecticut. If you just moved here, it may seem strange. I've lived here for over a half a century, I'd love to make your transition easier. Here's a 'Starter Pack' - A few essential items and bits of knowledge that I think will make it easier fitting in here in Connecticut.

The Kielbasa Kings of Connecticut

With the right amount of seasoning, the quality of the pork, and the right production processes, mortal men grind out incredible kielbasa every day around Connecticut. There are a few that rise above the rest, and here are the men and women who I've crowned Kielbasa kings of Connecticut

Summer Is The Season To Visit Connecticut Finest Seafood Markets

We're so lucky to live on the Atlantic Ocean, fresh seafood is available to us year-round here in Connecticut. If you need to stock up on fish, lobster, and shellfish for your Summertime clambake, here are some of the finest seafood markets around our beautiful state.

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