Just before the weekend, New York State Police in Somers, held a speed enforcement campaign in Westchester County, as part of “Speed Week”, according to the Yorktown Patch. They issued a lot of tickets, in fact, 73 to be exact. 57 of the 73 were for speeding. Police were out in force stationed in the Somers area on I–-684.

All of us from time to time tend to end up a tad over the limit, so thankfully this campaign is only one week long, and ends Wednesday June 13th.

The aim is to curb aggressive driving and speeding all across New York State. Last year when the state wide "Speed Week" campaign was in effect, over 19,000 tickets were given out. In excess of 7,900 were for speeding, and several hundred were for distracted driving. Fines these days are super hefty too; for example, for going 10 miles over the speed limit, you can be fined up to $150, and incur up to three points on your license.

Spread the word that until Wednesday, especially on major New York highways the patrols are out --big time-- for “Speed Week”.

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