The Garth Brooks Drive-In Concert will be showing this Saturday night at the Southington Drive-In, and since ticket sales have gone through the roof, the drive-in committee issued an official statement to local fans who may be coming to the show.

The national demand for tickets to the Garth Brooks Drive-In Concert scheduled for this Saturday night set all kinds of Ticketmaster records, and even caused a major glitch in the system that forced a shutdown and so much confusion that the concert promoter, Encore Live, had to send out a message to ticket buyers just hours after tickets went on sale:

In a two-hour window yesterday, we had customers representing 750,000 attendees try to buy tickets to the event at the same time — making this one of the single largest attraction on-sales in Ticketmaster history. The Ticketmaster infrastructure could not support this unprecedented demand and issues occurred during the checkout process.

This also prompted the Southington Drive-In to issue their own statement through their Facebook page.

The Southington Drive-In is the only place in Connecticut where you can catch this special drive in concert with Garth Brooks, but according to Ticketmaster, all tickets for this show are already sold out.

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