Congratulations are in order for the hard working folks slinging the eggs and coffee on Main Street South in Southbury, the diner they work so hard in has just been recognized by Food and Wine Magazine as the Best Diner in Connecticut for 2022.

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Laurel Diner, located at 544 Main St. S in Southbury, has received the top accolade for the State of Connecticut in Food and Wine's The Best Diner in Every State list for 2022. Laurel Diner is famous for their homemade corned beef hash, and for their very reasonably priced menu. Most of Laurel Diner's menu options fall between $5-10, with some items creeping into the $10-$15 range, if you're feeling extra peckish.

In the Laurel Diner's blurb in the Food and Wine list, the author basically says what everyone reading this is probably saying: Yes, there are a ton of diners here in New England, but they suggest this: The smaller, the better. The only food item that they mention is Laurel Diner's homemade Corned Beef Hash, which is fantastic.

I'd suggest you try The KiKi, which is basically a heaping pile of hashbrowns (Or Hash for $4 extra) with bacon or sausage, and eggs slathered with cheese, sour cream, and scallions. Or, if you also have "Large" in your name, try The Beast, it's a breakfast burger, with hash, hashbrowns, and an egg. Burp. Laurel Diner also serves up delicious pancakes, cheaper basic breakfasts, breakfast sandwiches, French Toast, Belgian waffles, burgers, foot long hot dogs, and a kid's menu featuring special pancakes that the kids will love.

Also, keep an eye out for my brother, his office is right down the street in Southbury, and he's in Laurel Diner frequently. Steve will top off your coffee for you. Congratulations Laurel Diner, long may you reign.

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