It's probably the first place many of us will try to go when phase one of Connecticut's re-opening plan kicks off this Wednesday, but will any stylists be there to do that haircut.

It's been a long time between hair cuts for most people, now we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but many hairstylists, especially in Fairfield County are having second thoughts about opening up their doors.

There are many salons located in Fairfield County, where the number of coronavirus cases continues to be the highest in the state, and some of those stylists are having concerns on how they can do their job, and still practice social distancing guidelines.

The scheduled re-opening of these salons has reached a level of concern for stylists, so much so that many salon owners and workers from the area were heading to Hartford to hold a push back the opening rally Monday afternoon.

According to, Governor Lamont, in his initial statement about salons re-opening said that they could re-open, but not use blow dryers.

That was met with great resistance from salon owners claiming that this would definitely impact their clients, and not in a good way, Lamont rescinded that part of the re-opening plan, but stylists still want more information on their specific guidelines to be able to do their jobs and still observe social distancing, and the concerns continue to mount especially about having the proper amount of personal protective equipment.

Governor Ned Lamont is now reconsidering opening hair salons and barbershops this week. Here's what he tweeted Monday afternoon.

You can vote for Greater Danbury's favorite hair stylist right now, just click HERE.

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