If you were looking up on Wednesday you may have seen a huge fireball in the sky.

Reports flooded in from up and down the East Coast on Wednesday morning. People were concerned after seeing an enormous fireball flying across the morning sky. A national agency received 530 reports from 11 states of a bright object in the sky.

If you were awake at 6:45am on Wednesday you may have caught a glimpse of this crazy phenomenon yourself. But don't worry, despite the many UFO sightings that were logged in our area last year, this was not the beginning of an alien invasion.

In fact, the large fireball was easily explained by scientists.

The American Meteor Society confirms that what everyone saw was, indeed, a fireball. Its origin, however, is actually quite harmless. A "fireball" is another term for an extremely bright meteor, and that's what was experts say was flying past the Hudson Valley on Wednesday morning.

These fireballs are quite common. In fact, several thousand of them appear in the Eart's atmosphere every day. But, because the earth is so large, most fireballs appear during the day when it's too bright for them to be easily seen, or in uninhabited places like the ocean, where no one is around to witness them.


So, if you happened to catch the fireball over the Hudson Valley on Wednesday morning, consider yourself lucky. It's not something you get to see every day.

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