If you've ever experienced the nightmare of picking up and dropping kids off at school you can relate to this dad.

Parents that have the daily task of bringing and picking up their kids from school every day often times experience something others might not be aware of. Depending on the Hudson Valley school your child goes to will depend on if you've ever experienced it or not with some parents calling it a "hellish nightmare"!


Pick-up Line at School

The pick-up and drop-off lines at schools all across the Hudson Valley can be worse than sitting in a major traffic jam on a city road. I've made the mistake a few times trying to pick my daughter up at her school and I can relate if these lines stress you out. One day I pulled into the parking area at Roy C. Ketchum in Wappingers Falls to pick her up and I wound up waiting almost 30 minutes to get in and get out, I couldn't believe it! After she got into the car I told her I'm never doing it again...LOL! I never thought that there are parts that deal with this stuff every day!

One Poughkeepsie dad has started an interesting fundraiser to see if the Hudson Valley would be willing to help him avoid what he calls a "hellish nightmare"!

Sean Mcgrath/Canva
Sean Mcgrath/Canva

Poughkeepsie Dad Wants to Buy Parking Spot

His name is Sean and he has taken it upon himself to try and raise as many donations as he can to try and buy the principal's parking spot at his son's school. Sean shared his story with us and said that his son goes to St Denis/St Columba School in Hopewell Junction and almost every day he has to get to the school almost an hour before he gets out. He said he has to be in one of the first cars in line because if he's not it takes forever to get out and it often makes him late to work.

Taking Donations

Sean told us that the school is holding an auction this year where the winner will get a prime parking space in front of the school. Using his head Sean started a Gofundme page to try and raise as much money as possible to try and win the spot. When we spoke Sean asked if we would be willing to make a donation to get him started! We were more than happy to donate $100 to get him started and if you'd like to join his cause you can donate here.

All Money Raised will go to St Dennis/St Columba School

Sean set a goal of $2,000 because he heard that's what the spot went for last year, so if you can help please do, if Sean doesn't reach his goal all donations will still go directly to Saint Denis-Saint Columba School located at 835 NY-82, Hopewell Junction, NY.

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