65 is the maximum speed that you can drive on any roadway in Connecticut, how many of you break that law every day? I'm tailgated anywhere if I try to maintain that constant speed on any highway. It made me think, is it time for a 70MPH speed limit outside of congested areas of some highways?

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If I had to guess, at least 50% of drivers on the major highways in Connecticut - I-84, I-91, I-95, and Rt. 15, average 70 - 80MPH. I've been commuting over 30 miles to work for over 30 years, and I've noticed the average speed on an open highway has increased from 65, to 70, to 80 over the past couple of decades. I admit, I'm a sheep when it comes to speed, if 70 is the average in a pack, I'll do it. Am I scared of enforcement? Sometimes, but it seems there is always someone that's more in a hurry, or driving aggressively, or recklessly, nearby.

I-91 North and South between Meriden and Hartford for example, I'd say that the average speed is 80MPH when it's bright and sunny out. I-84 East of Waterbury to New Britain, same thing, at least 80. I-95 from Branford to Old Saybrook hums along at 75 on a good day. 70 should never be considered on the Merritt though, those on and off-ramps are not built for anything over 60.

I get so envious when I drive anywhere in the US outside of the Northeast, where all of the highways are 4-5 lanes and straight as an arrow. Our population is so concentrated around our major highways and shoreline.

Speed cameras, red light cameras, wrong-way driver alert systems, rotaries, runaway truck lanes, those are the buzzwords, but I'll suggest 70MPH on Rt. 8 from Watertown to Torrington too.

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