Sheryl Crow has written a comical new song that was inspired by a tweet about Kid Rock's possible bid for the U.S. Senate.

Kid Rock began teasing a possible run to represent his home state of Michigan in the Senate in mid-July, launching a website to promote a possible candidacy and then announcing that he would work to register voters. He says he will announce whether he will make a real run or not within six weeks.

Crow and Kid Rock are longtime friends and collaborators, and when one Twitter user wrote that she must be "rolling in her grave" at the news of Rock's candidacy, it inspired her to write a new song titled "Dude, I'm Still Alive." She played the song live in the studio and shared it to Twitter on Friday night, along with the lyrics.

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Crow gently mocks her friend's reputation as a bad boy while suggesting that he couldn't be much worse than some of the old guard that are currently serving, singing, "At least the guy's not 90 / In his 32nd term / But a pole in the Lincoln bedroom is bound to make some people squirm."

She goes on to lampoon President Trump, saying, "I like a president who smart / And handles women with respect / Who doesn't tweet in the toilet / But perhaps from the Reagan desk," and says she's sorry for Jeff Sessions, as Trump's closest advisors are "dropping like flies."

"As for Comey, Sean and Reince, dude, at least you're still alive," she sings, closing with, " Dude you're still alive / Dude you're still alive / You're like Gloria Gaynor / You know we will survive / No matter what's online / Fake news or lies / Dude I'm still alive."

Though Crow and Kid Rock have been friends for years, they don't always seem to agree on politics. Kid Rock has been an avid supporter of President Trump, while Crow called for his impeachment in an interview in May, saying, "What we need is a functioning government" and calling his presidency "nothing but chaos.”

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