I know if you were born and raised in Connecticut I'm sure you think this is the best state to live in. But do people in Connecticut really hate winter that much? There's a new dating app that could connect you with people who share your hatred.

There's all kinds of dating app's out there to choose from, but I think this new app, released a few months ago, may be taking the dating thing a little too far.

It's called the "HaterDater app and it connect's couples based on their hatred for things. Now you may say why would you want to date someone who hates everything, well according to patch.com, scientific research say's that this kind of common hatred actually promotes bonding.

So instead of matching common interest's in things singles like, this new app matches people up based on their common hatred for things. Their thought process is that it's not just important to make a love match, it's important for two people to have a similar hatred for things too....Sound Crazy, well according to a 2006 study, researchers at the University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas-Austin found that sharing a negative attitude about someone or something, is extremely effective when it comes to two people sharing common interest's.

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With all this in mind, according to this app people in Connecticut hate winter. Now I have a feeling this app may be right, at least for some of us. Winter's in Connecticut can be pretty rough, but if you make a love connection using this app, and the person your matched up with hates winter too, then there's a really good chance neither of you will settle down here. See it get's kinda complicated this way, doesn't it.

Some of our neighboring states have some pretty interesting things they hate.

  • Rhode Island hates people from Middle America
  • Massachusetts hates Eli Manning
  • New York hates Times Square
  • New Jersey hates Jellyfish
  • Pennsylvania hates people who use money clips

Here's how the app works:

Just so you don't think the Hater app is a flash in the pan, the company say's it's been collecting data from it's half million users who have already downloaded it.

Suzy and I show you how easy it is to Download our New App:

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