You might call it a miracle, you might call it the power of prayer, you might call it a lot of people who would not give up. Whatever you call it, Lady the service dog is home safe and sound!

On Friday afternoon, Lady, who never goes outside, got spooked and ran off. Friends and family searched for her throughout the night without any luck at all. On Saturday, those same dedicated people spent the entire day trying to find her in the cold and very steady rain. No luck again. Sunday didn't bring any news. By this morning, hope was fading fast. Nashville Road and Route 53 is quite wooded not to mention that there are coyote in the woods.

66 hours later, less than a mile away from where she was last seen, her owner spotted her on Route 53 in Bethel and literally jumped out of a moving car driven by her daughter who then parked the car and sat in the middle of the road and began calling her. A bit dehydrated with some ticks that had come along for her weekend ride, Lady is now home and totally healthy.

It's an extremely happy ending to a nightmare of a weekend for all involved, especially Lady. In my blog, I mentioned that pets who wander off usually stay close by, even if the area is unfamiliar to them. That is the very reason I am writing this very happy update. I hope that you never go through what Lady's family and friends have gone through this weekend, but if you know a pet that has gone missing, remember to check the surrounding area again and again. And always, always, ALWAYS "Keep the Faith!"


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