Wednesday,  January 31 at 645 AM is reportedly the best time to be looking at the sky for a once in a lifetime lunar event. tells us we'll see a lunar eclipse, which will start at 5:51 am, then at 6:48 am we’ll see a "blood moon". Following that, the moon will begin to set. We just have to hope it’s not going to be a super cloudy morning though.

That morning, we’ll already be seeing what’s known as a Supermoon, which is a rare type of "new" or "full" moon that looks bigger and brighter than average, because it’s the closest the moon can get to earth in it’s orbit. Combine that with the fact that it’s going to be a blue moon (which, by the way, is the second full moon to appear in the month) along with the lunar eclipse, and you’ll be seeing something that hasn’t happened in 150 years!

During the eclipse, as the moon comes out from behind the Earth, it looks as though it has as a pink-orange color which is why it’s called a blood moon. So some people are calling this a Super Blue Blood Moon as all three events are happening on the same night.

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