Today marks the seventh anniversary of the horrible and senseless shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School. I know that with another anniversary of the tragedy, many of us will flashback to that moment we learned of the events that were unfolding that day.

For me, it was shortly after I got off the air that we received a call about what was happening in Newtown, just a few miles away from our studio. The initial reports paled in comparison to what we were to learn in the next few hours. News that would not only shock and stun us, but change our lives forever. Being a father of three and also very involved with sports, playing teams from Newtown was almost a weekly occurrence, so needless to say, it hit close to home in many ways.

Having to be on the air the following week was without a doubt the hardest thing I've had to do in all my years in this business. What could I possibly say that would help in the least? But I felt like I had to be there to offer some place people could turn to to talk or just listen.

Now the seventh year anniversary is here. We still hurt. We are still haunted by the sounds and images of that day. Gun control talk has taken a back seat to other news stories, and violence in schools and mass shootings continue almost monthly.

For my friends in Newtown, we respect your request for privacy during this difficult time, but remember our hearts and prayers are always with you. We will never forget. How could we?

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