Last Friday, June 29, Sam Hunt took a ride to Hartford and played to a few thousand of his closest friends. Our Promotions Director, Melissa Martino, was also there. She is still on Cloud 9.

If you think I'm kidding, try and talk to her. All day she has been sighing and looking at the pictures that she took of Mr. Body Like a Back Road. Finally, when I saw that we weren't getting anywhere today, I asked her to tell me all about it. This is what she said:

"Sam Hunt is so hot!"

I told her that was obvious and if she could please elaborate on the show:

"Oh, yeah, sure. It was the perfect show to watch from the pit. I still can't believe I was that close! Every song he sang was a hit, we were singing along all night. There was not one song we didn't know the words to. He was so cute, running around like a kid at recess time. It was awesome!"

So, there ya go, straight from the pit. Here are the pictures that I finally wrenched out of Melissa's hands:

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