Unfortunately, it looks like the plan to open has changed.

If you missed it back in February, we told you about one of the Hudson Valley's best food trucks making the decision to open a storefront in Dutchess County. The folks that operate the popular food truck Empanada Mama announced earlier this year that they were excited to soon be opening a storefront cafe located in the heart of Fishkill.

The plan for the cafe was to take over the former home of Fishkill Glass at 18 Church Street in Fishkill, right next to the Fishkill Elementary School. The cafe was supposed to open back around April and offer fans of their empanadas the chance to sit, eat and relax at a steady location.

Empanada Mama Café NOT Opening

After months of trying to make the cafe reality, Empanada Mama has decided to shift its focus from a storefront to increasing its number of food trucks. The "why" behind the change in plans is unclear, but as a fan of their food and a weekly visitor in Fishkill, I'm sad to hear they won't be opening a storefront. I was excited to see something go into a location that isn't getting much use today.

Empanada Mama

Glass Half Full!

Let's try to look at this in a positive way just like the Empanada Mama is! The good news is that with the shift in plans Emapanda Mama has announced that they are going to have a second food truck to give even more locations in the Hudson Valley access to their great food! The Empanada Mam food trucks have and will continue to be all over the Hudson Valley all summer long and if you are looking for their next stop, check their Facebook page for dates and locations.

As far as the possibility of a cafe happening in a new location? Let's hope that happens sooner than later, and if, and when it does we will be sure to let everyone know ASAP!

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