I was cruising one of my favorite Facebook pages recently when I saw a fail of epic proportion.

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The photo appeared on the FB page called: "Connecticut Driver Rants and Videos", created by Paul Gibbs. The sign in the photo reads:"No Turn No Red" and we are all pretty sure that is not what they were going for. The sign was probably supposed to say "No Turn on Red."

The picture was taken in New Milford at the bottom of Route 67 near the Citgo by Megan Gouveia. I reached out to Megan and asked her permission to use the photo and tell the story, and she was delighted to share it with us.

Megan Cashman Gouveia

According to Megan, and noted in the post, her daughter Margaret was the first to notice the mistake. Megan says the photo was taken awhile back, Margaret was 8 when the image was captured and is now 10 years old.

We are just better than this folks, if an 8-year-old kid can catch the mistake while passing it in the car, you can certainly notice a "fail" like this somewhere in the process.

The sign had to be made by a company somewhere, someone printed these words on it. That person had to give it to another to ship or transport it, and then there was a person(s) who installed it. This is a minimum of three people that could have figured out this sign was not doing its job.

One of the Facebook comments put it as simply as you can, it came from Bill Ochs who wrote: "One job!! Failure. LOL."

You might be wondering if the sign is still in New Milford with the mistake on it. The answer is no. Megan told me, "When we posted that picture, someone tagged the Mayor and eventually it was replaced in a week or so. I’m sure they were embarrassed! I’m assuming the Mayor was involved in changing it LOL but I don’t know."

"No Turn No Red?" The sign would be just as good if you posted "No Woman No Cry." Thankfully we have bright young people like Margaret Gouveia out in the community helping to clean up the flubs of the adults in New Milford.

Megan Gouveia

This is Meagan and Margaret.

Megan Gouveia

Thank you for your help ladies.

Megan Gouveia

I'm sure the Town of New Milford would have been delighted if this mistake came and went but Facebook never forgets, trust me, I know.

P.S. "No Right on Red" signs make me furious. You are just sitting at the light counting out how many times you could have safely made your turn.

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