Now that the warm weather has finally decided to come around, you may be thinking that it's a great time for a lobster dinner. Prices have almost doubled, that's just cray! reports that the decadent crustacean's cost per pound has soared from last year's price of $8.00 to this season's $15.00. Holy Mackerel! That will make any lobster lover crabby.

Some local restaurants who use pre-shucked meat have seen that particular price go to $40 per pound, and were floundering for a solution. Instead of selling their soles and doubling prices, some have decided to temporarily take lobster off of their menu.

What's the problem? It basically boils down to a long winter and cold spring, which keep lobster hauls down and Canadian fisheries closed. Once temperatures are a bit more seasonal, however,  fisheries open, prices come down, hauls become more abundant, and prices drop. Until then, we can do one of two things:

  1. Pay up just for the halibut.
  2. Clam up until prices go down

In the meantime, if you find lobster at a better price, I'll be perched right here, so please let minnow.

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