It's a sign of the times, and the Town of Ridgefield has taken the first step towards communicating better online by hiring a social media expert.

Over the last few years many towns have taken steps to keep their social media platforms somewhat controlled, opening up social media positions in order to manage their brands. These positions were created to have someone on the front line when it comes to interacting with the general public and making sure local information is getting out where it needs to be.

The newest social media expert in Ridgefield is Emily Pambianchi of Social Grace Communications, who took control of the town’s social media platforms starting this past Saturday. According to, First Selectman Rudy Marconi, along with the town’s Board of Selectmen, recently agreed to the hire, expressing how important it is to make sure that the conversations via social media are indeed accurate. Marconi had this to say to the News Times about the towns newly created position:

In the town of Ridgefield, if there is social media discussion going on, we wanted to make sure that the content is accurate. So many people rely on a device for their information, and if we don’t begin playing a part in that, not in terms of an active participant, but observing, monitoring and being able to respond, then we’re going to fall behind.

Marconi also said that through extensive research, they found that voters between age 25 and 40 do not follow some of the more traditional forms of media, like newspapers and television programs, so this is a way to stay in touch from a local level.

Emily Pambianchi, the new Social Media Expert, has reportedly grew up in Ridgefield and has worked at Sphere, The Prospector Theater, and her family business Pamby Motors, according to the article.

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