The cause? Customers having to pay for a grocery bag. The effect: the stores having to pay for it.

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According to NBC Connecticut, stores across CT are losing their shopping baskets due to the implementation of the plastic bag tax at checkout. The Connecticut Food Association (CFA) reports that this is a statewide problem that's resulting in retailers losing up to almost two-thirds of their baskets.

CFA's President Wayne Pesce says that even though the tax has lent itself to newfound issues, Connecticut is still achieving its primary goal of eradicating plastic bag waste.

However, with each shopping basket costing up to 8 dollars, it's up to the individual supermarkets to solve this counter-intuitive cost conflict, Pesce says. The CFA is currently helping stores across the state to better prevent the continuation of this unwanted consequence.

Although the plastic bag tax is noticeably backfiring at some locations, Pesce hangs on to other states' successful iterations of the law for the hope of it working in Connecticut as well, NBC Connecticut reports.

Yes, not wanting to deal with seemingly unnecessary fees is understandable; but there are better alternatives than to steal from your local grocer. Bring your own bags. Carry the milk by its handle. Use a cart and wheel it to your car. These are the options, and stealing isn't on the list. It shouldn't be on yours when you go shopping, either.

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