It's official. The name of the newly rebuilt Tappan Zee Bridge will be named after former New York Governor, the late Mario Cuomo.

From the Tarrytown Sleepy Hollow Daily Voice comes the news that the new TZB will be named after current New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo's father, former Governor, Mario Cuomo, and Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino is not happy about it. Here is what Astorino had to say,

The governor's sly attempt to put his family's name on the bridge, which he can't figure out how to pay for, even with his massive toll hikes on the horizon, is simply outrageous! Mario Cuomo has no connection whatsoever to Westchester or Rockland.

When current Governor, Andrew Cuomo, was advised by a colleague that he should name the bridge after his father, this is what Cuomo said,

My father doesn't have anything named after him. I thought it was a good idea. He was a great public official.

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One Of World's Largest Floating Cranes In Place As Tappan Zee Bridge Gets Replaced
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo - Getty Images

On June 28, 2017 a letter to the editor was sent to the Tarrytown Daily Voice by a Mary Donnelly also criticizing naming the TZB after anyone claiming it's just a waste of taxpayers money.

Stop the waste, we the people don't care about self serving politicians and stroking of their egos. They are supposed to represent the people, lest we forget."

People are pissed, and with good reason. My vote? Why does any name have to be attached to a bridge or a highway, especially when signs need to be made to the tune of, in some cases, $4 million?

The bridge already has a name -- the Tappan Zee Bridge. Leave it alone. Spend the money on improving infrastructure. How would you feel if Mayor Mark in Danbury named a tree after me like "The Ethan Carey Memorial Maple Tree." Now, you're talking a couple hundred bucks for a plaque and maybe a caricature of my face. That money could be well-spent elsewhere.

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