The changes seem to be in response to the uptick in positive COVID tests across the Hudson Valley.

If you have kids that attended Red Hook Schools or you have kids that play sports for any other Hudson Valley school that plays athletic sports against Red Hook make sure you are aware of the new changes to the school spectator policy.

The Red Hook Central School District sent out an email on Monday, January 3rd, 2022 to inform all parents that the school is making an adjustment to the rules when it comes to attending any and all athletic events on school grounds.

New Procedures to Attend all Indoor Athletic Events at Red Hook Schools

The email states that starting Tuesday, January 4th, 2022 all indoor athletic events will have new procedures including, home team athletes will be allowed to have only 4 family members in attendance (parents, guardians, siblings, grandparents).

Visting teams will only be allowed to have 2 spectators per athlete and those spectators will have to match the names on the roster that the visiting team provides to the school before the scheduled event.

The school also wanted to remind both home and visit school parents that the school does "live stream" all indoor athletic competitions on the school's YouTube channel and encourages families to watch online.

Will more Hudson Valley schools follow Red Hook's new policy? If they choose to follow let's all remember that it could be worse like it was last year when we weren't allowed to watch any of our kids play in person all season long. As a dad with a daughter who plays basketball in the Wappingers School District my fingers are crossed that never happens again.

If you know of a school that has introduced new procedures please share that with us through the Wolf app and we will include the school in this article.

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