So cool.

It's not every day that you see a pretty big snowy owl in the backyard. In fact, it is not every day that you even see any type of owl. We spotted quite a large snowy owl hanging out in the backyard of our house last week. In fact, it was there for hours.

It is not easy to find, but you can spot snowy owls across Western New York if you look hard enough. For starters, they hunt during the daytime. So, if you are in the woods, you might look up and see a snowy owl waiting for a rodent or snake to be moved by. Also, they are certainly not small. The snow owl is a large owl that stands about 24 inches tall and has a wing span of about 5 feet wide.

I know the pictures are not the easiest to see, but they are surely a beautiful sight to see.


Lancaster has had a few cool and unique spottings lately. There have been multiple spottings of bald eagles around the town.

Now, it is cool seeing a bald eagle ANYWHERE in the wild. In fact, you may see them once in a while, especially in Western New York at Zoar Valley. But, I live in Lancaster. Like, next to the Lancaster High School. So, it is not like we live in hundreds of acres of woods.

Bald eagles you can go see frequently at Beaver Meadow Audubon Center in North Java near Buffalo. Officials there see between 3 and 4 sitting along the pond on the observation deck and you do not even need binoculars!

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