Following several heartbroken pleas on social media for help finding her lost dog, RaeLynn has had a joyous reunion. The runaway chihuahua, Dolly, has been located at entertainment center the Island in Pigeon Forge and reunited with her owner.

RaeLynn shared the clip above to social media, documenting the actual moment she took the adorable pooch back into her arms. Click on the video to see Dolly wrapped in a little blanket, making happy noises as she's reunited with the singer, who is also overjoyed.

"My HEROS. Matt, Caitlin, Amy, Josh and not pictured Chrissy also Cassie who spotted her in front of her store. Thank you to @theislandpf for having the best group of people!" RaeLynn enthused via Instagram after volunteers found Dolly.

Adding to the happy ending, the employees at the Island in Pigeon Forge weren't interested in the monetary reward offered. They simply wanted the dog home with her rightful owner.

"They didn’t want the 5k reward they were just looking out of the kindness of their hearts," explained the singer. "The first of many miracles in 2018. Dolly survived 3 nights in single digit weather. She is a fighter and my little badass. Mommy is on her way baby."

Dolly disappeared on New Year's Eve, apparently having been spooked by holiday fireworks. RaeLynn was playing a show at the Island in Pigeon Forge that night, and the pup led folks on quite the wild chase attempting to track her down.

The search spurred RaeLynn's friend, reality TV star Todd Chrisley, to action. He offered to provide the $5,000 reward for the dog's safe return.

Despite that incentive, the little dog managed to elude capture for another day. "The last time she was spotted was this morning cuddled up in a blanket on someone’s porch in Pigeon Forge," RaeLynn posted on Jan. 2. "When they went to grab her she bolted. Someone again saw her around 11:30AM. I got here around 3PM from Nashville to lay out her beds and blankets from home. I am so thankful she is still alive and praying that she will be attracted from the scent of her bed."

Thanks to a dedicated team of watchful eyes, Dolly made it home, as RaeLynn blissfully documented in an Instagram story.



This isn't the first time Dolly has taken off and been recovered: In 2014, RaeLynn had been busy preparing to go on the road with Miranda Lambert for a few dates when she got the news that her skittish pup had escaped off the tour bus.

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