After the tragic death of Troy Gentry in September of 2017, surviving Montgomery Gentry member Eddie Montgomery is moving forward with plans to release the duo's final project, Here's to You, early in 2018.

Montgomery and Gentry completed Here's to You shortly before Gentry was killed in a helicopter crash on Sept. 8 in New Jersey. Two months after his death, Montgomery announced the release of the new album in a tweet to fans: "I know it's been a while, but it has been a very emotional time, but you will be hearing from [me] soon," he wrote. "Our new music is coming out, and I hope you'll give it a listen. Me and T-Roy were very proud of this new CD."

Ahead of its release, The Boot has rounded up all of the details that fans need to know about Here's to You.

The Title

Montgomery Gentry's final album is titled Here's to You. Surviving member Montgomery announced the album's title in a tweet on Nov. 8.

The Release Date

Here's to You is currently available for pre-order via all major platforms. The album's official release date is Feb. 2.

The Album Cover

Montgomery Gentry Here's to You
Average Joes Entertainment

The Here's to You album cover is a painted silhouette of Montgomery and Gentry, positioned on a white background. The duo's name and the album's title appear on top of the silhouette.

The Record Label

Montgomery Gentry's Here's to You will be released on Average Joes Entertainment. The duo's 2011 album Rebels on the Run was released on Average Joes, before they moved to Blaster Records for 2015's Folks Like Us.

The Producers

The producer of Here's to You has not been revealed.

The Single

Shortly after Gentry's death, Average Joes shared one of the songs on Here's to You, titled "Better Me," with radio stations. The track features Gentry on lead vocals, and the lyric video for the song includes footage of Montgomery Gentry playing to massive crowds, clips of them visiting wounded soldiers abroad and photos of Gentry with his wife and daughters.

"I've turned the page on wilder days," Gentry sings in the chorus of "Better Me." "I'm writing all this down, hopin' you'll see / I ain't sayin' I'm perfect, but I'm workin' on a better me."

The Songs

Little more is known about the songs on Here's to You. However, a track listing is available, and is below.

Montgomery Gentry, Here's to You Track Listing:

1. "Shotgun Wedding"
2. "Better Me"
3. "Needing a Beer"
4. "What'cha Say We Don't"
5. "Crazies Welcome"
6. "Get Down South"
7. "Drive on Home"
8. "Feet Back on the Ground"
9. "Drink Along Song"
10. "King of the World"
11. "That's the Thing About America"
12. "All Hell Broke Loose"

The Tour

In celebration of two decades of Montgomery Gentry, Montgomery has hit the road to promote Here's to You, on the Here's to You Tour. The trek will be Montgomery's first without Gentry, and the artist admits that he's "anxious to get back out on the road and play some new music for our friends and fans."

"Let me tell you, I've had some sleepless nights over this," Montgomery tells The Boot, "because I've been so used to looking to my left all these years and having T-Roy right there. For a little bit, I was talking to myself and thinking, 'Man, can I do this or can I not?'"

The Montgomery Gentry Here's to You Tour began on Jan. 19 in Sioux Falls, S.D. Montgomery and the band will travel around the U.S. throughout the year.

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