There was a bill proposed in January 2021 by a Connecticut Senator to the Connecticut General Assembly that would phase-out the use of School Resource Officers. It's caught the attention of a local Resident Trooper's office, enough so that they've taken to social media in an effort to inform the public.

It has captured my attention, and if you have a child in public school here in Connecticut, it may interest you too. In the January 2021 Connecticut General Assembly Session, Senator Winfield of Connecticut's 10th District introduced Proposed Bill No. 447It is referred to Connecticut's Committee on Education and if enacted, would amend Title 10 of Connecticut's General Statutes in order to develop a process to phase-out the use and employment of School Resource Officers in public schools. The proposed bill was referred to Connecticut's Joint Committee on Education on January 27, 2021.

The Woodbury, Connecticut Resident Trooper's Office posted the above message on their Official Facebook Page this past Monday Morning, March 1, 2021. It's an edited version of an earlier post that had originally caught my attention. The earlier version, of which I have a screenshot, said "This is something that we feel that should be shared as it will affect our community."

The SRO program in Connecticut has had success. Do you believe that an off-duty Police Officer is necessary in Connecticut's public schools? If you agree and like the SRO's protecting the students in Connecticut Public Schools, you should consider reaching out to your State Representative and tell them how you feel about the passage of Senator Winfield's Proposed Bill No. 447.

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