The new location will bring the popular clothing store New York total to 8 stores across the state.

If clothes shopping is something you enjoy doing and you've spent any time at some of the bigger malls in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut you've most likely seen the name Primark, either inside the mall or the big blue sign outside.

What is Primark?

The first time I went to the Danbury Mall in Connecticut I can remember parking near the Primark store and asking whoever I was with what the heck is Primark? I had never heard of it before so she went on to tell me that they sell a ton of different clothes at great prices. Since we parked near the entrance we walked in and took a look around and honestly, I was pleasantly surprised by the "fashion variety" and even more impressed with how reasonable their prices were. I bought both of my two younger kids 3 outfits each and spent just over $100 bucks! I'll take that any day of the week...LOL!


Primark's New Locations in New York

2023 is looking to be the year of expansion for the popular clothing store Primark as they are preparing to open 3 new locations soon according to the Primark website. A new Primark location is now officially scheduled to open at the Crossgates Mall, located at 1 Crossgates Mall Rd, Albany, NY. Primark at Crossgates will be located on the ground floor of the mall near Texas de Brazil and will open its doors on Thursday, July 20th according to News 10.

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Primark is set to open another New York location this summer, which will be located at the Green Acres Mall in Long Island, NY. Once both locations are open that will give Primark a total of 8 stores in New York. They already have stores open in Brooklyn, Buffalo, Garden City, Queens, Staten Island, and Valley Stream, New York.

Primark Plans to Triple in Stores by 2026

Primark will also be adding a new store in New Jersey this year. The new store will be located in The Mills at Jersey Gardens in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Once all the new stores open it will bring Primark to 20 stores in the United States but that's just the beginning. Primark is hoping to have 60 stores in the U.S. by 2026.

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