The former Lilian Smoke Shop in the City of Poughkeepsie has been boarded up for months.

Having lived in the City of Poughkeepsie for a number of years, there are small stores and markets up and down Main Street. Plenty of places to grab some necessities, whether you need a pack of smokes, or some beer, or just some toiletries.

Although there are plenty of options, I kinda got spoiled having a place right on the corner.

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Google Maps
Google Maps

Lilian Smoke Shop and Deli had been a fixture for years at 558 Main Street in Poughkeepsie. At some point way back they must have served up deli sandwiches, in fact, there was a sign in the front window indicating that they offered burgers and cheesesteaks.

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That must have been a long time ago because no food was being served out of there in the time I've visited for several years. I'd pop into the corner store to grab a beer or water, or some necessities like paper towels and toilet paper. It was always quick and convenient for me, but then several months ago, I saw that it had been boarded up and Lilian Smoke Shop was no more.

Photo credit: The Rutigliano Archives
Photo credit: The Rutigliano Archives

To be fair, things always seemed a little shady over there. I'd see arguments occuring between store staff and patrons, and altercations with people out on the street, but I'd just ignore it. I'd go in and get what I needed and keep to myself. I was just happy for the convenience of the corner store that was just a hop, skip, and a jump from my residence.

A Couple of Google Reviews on Lilian Smoke Shop Below:

attachment-Lilian Smoke Shop Review1
attachment-Lilian Smoke Shop Review2

Well, now a Cornerstone Realty Group sign hangs in the window of the former Lilian Smoke Shop indicating that the space is for rent. What do you think should go in the new spot?

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