A Connecticut man has been accused of hacking into a local College's computer system in order to forge a mortuary license.

According to NBC Connecticut, 22-year-old Jonathan Ryan of Torrington has been arrested and charged with second degree forgery and second degree computer crimes. Police say Ryan hacked into the Mortuary Science Program computer system at Lincoln College in Southington and forged his mortuary license. Ryan allegedly helped prepare dozens of bodies at Gleeson-Ryan Funeral home owned by his father.

First off, the funeral home business is a family business for me. My uncle is co-owner of a funeral home. I grew up around the funeral home. I worked there in some capacity on and off since I was 13.

It's not a scary or depressing thing, as many people think. It's just another job. If anything, it's a boring job. I have never prepared a body, however, because you need a license for that. It would have been illegal and frowned upon. Families put a huge amount of trust in their local funeral home in a time of great vulnerability. The last thing they want to worry about is some kid who is not licensed prepping their loved one's body.

Now onto this nipple head. If you are crafty enough to hack computer systems, maybe you should hack something a little more fun or dare I say it -- get an I.T. job, ASS FACE! There can be only one fake Undertaker:

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