The Connecticut State Police have announced that they have placed a convicted Felon from Connecticut under arrest who now faces even more serious charges after officers allegedly found materials in his possession that could have possibly been used to make explosives.

Yesterday, Wednesday May 12, 2021, at 3 PM, Detectives from the Connecticut State Police - Statewide Narcotics Task Force - East Office, executed a search warrant at 88 Hyllindale Road in Storrs.

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The subject of the warrant has been identified as Scott Barber, 31 and the warrant was issued for Barber, his vehicle, and residence. Police say that members of the search team intercepted Barber in his vehicle on the way back to his residence and they then gained entry into  the residence itself. During the search, Detectives allegedly found chemicals and precursors to produce explosives, two firearms, two high-capacity magazines, rifle and shotgun ammunition, a bulletproof vest, five marijuana plants, and narcotics.

Connecticut State Police
Connecticut State Police

One of the firearms during the execution of the warrant was located by State Police K-9 Darlene, good girl Darlene.

As a result of this operation, Barber, who is a convicted Felon, faces numerous charges related to his alleged possession of firearms, explosives, and narcotics. Barber was being held on a $500,000 non-surety bond and he's expected to appear in Rockville Superior Court today, May 13, 2021.

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