I know bears are running rampant around Connecticut, but this still should never happen.

Wildlife is just that, wild. As people encroach on most of their land, and take away more of their food sources, you know they may wind up on your back porch looking for that blueberry pie you've got cooling out there.

Bears in particular can be very scary, but illegally killing them is just so wrong. That's allegedly what happened in Connecticut over the weekend, according to wiltonbulletin.com, where Connecticut authorities say two men have been arrested and charged in connection with the incident. Bear hunting, in case you didn't know, is illegal in Connecticut.

Wilton's First Selectman Lynne Vanderslice was quoted by the Wilton Bulletin:

All of us in town government share the public’s outrage and concern about the poaching of two bears within Wilton. Bears are protected in Connecticut. There is not a bear hunting season. The two individuals are poachers, not hunters.

Again, we are all too aware around Connecticut that bear sightings are on the rise. But this goes beyond safety. The story says that an anonymous tip was called into the DEEP on Sept. 16 that an archery hunter had illegally shot and killed two black bears on private property in Wilton.

Officers from DEEP’s Environmental Conservation responded and said Antonio Lio of Wilton was seen coming out of the woods allegedly carrying a bear skin, head and paws stored in his backpack. Daniel Moran of Norwalk was with him.

If what Lio allegedly admitted to doing is the truth, it is just so unbelievably wrong. Police say Lio shot one bear as it was walking under his tree stand, then also admitted that he shot and killed a second bear that approached him while he was checking on the first bear. Police say he also told them that he texted Moran to help him with the bears, and they both allegedly skinned the first bear, cutting off its paws and head, for a trophy mount.

Antonio Lio has been charged with illegally taking black bears and negligent hunting. Daniel Moran was charged with conspiracy to commit the illegal taking of a bear.

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