Many of New York State’s teachers may be missing out on getting a refund for the money they often lay out for their classrooms during the school year. Senator Chuck Schumer reminded teachers at the beginning of this school year about The federal “Educator Expense Tax Deduction” which was introduced back in 2015, but Senator Schumer says according to IRS data only about half of New York’s teachers actually file for this refund.

The federal Educator Expense Tax Deduction enables teachers to deduct up to $250 of out of pocket expenses spent on items for the classroom according to Press Connects. This deduction may be used by educators who file taxes via the standard deduction or an itemized deduction.. Many times teachers dip use their own money for classroom necessities and have no idea they are eligible for a refund from the government for it.

Log onto the IRS website for all of the info on this tax deduction.

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