As we get set for another long winter, the state of Connecticut has announced there is a shortage of plow drivers.

Everything is in short supply these days, but now the state of Connecticut could be facing a major crisis when the snow starts to fly. According to the Connecticut Department Of Transportation, the state is reporting it's short some 134 drivers, and that could become extremely problematic this winter.

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DOT officials say the shortage could lead to much longer response times in certain areas of the state, but those same officials say they are confident that the driver shortage will not cripple the infrastructure once winter rears its head with snow, sleet, and ice. According to, DOT officials do admit that with less drivers manning the states plows, it will take a longer time to get the roads clear, but with the staff they do have working now, they should be able to get the job done.

Currently there are some 888 drivers on the state's payroll, which is 13 percent less then the normal number, and that's why the state is offering some handsome pay packages to lure in new candidates.

The packages may be sweet, but probably don't come close to what the Massachusetts Department of Transportation is offering. Faced with a similar plow driver shortage, some towns in the state are offering new hires as much as $310 an hour to get behind the wheel and move the snow.

If you're interested in a job as a plow driver with the State of Connecticut, you can submit your application on the DOT employment site.

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