One of the nicest things to see while driving around some of our towns in the Hudson Valley is that so many of them have started to hang banners all over the towns with pictures to remember, celebrate and honor our local brave veterans in each respective community.

I've seen banners in Fishkill, and Wappingers Falls, just to name a few, and according to a post on Facebook, the Town of Pleasant Valley is now accepting applications from people who would like to honor a local veteran in the Dutchess County town.

The Pleasant Valley Hometown Heroes Banner Committee announced that they would like to honor and celebrate the men and women who have served our country through military service by placing banners with the service members picture on them around town.

The "Hometown Heroes Banner Program" is open to any, and all service men and women, living or deceased, who lived in Pleasant Valley at the time of their service.

How Do I Get A Banner?

Anyone interested in being a part of the banner program will need to fill out an application, which are available at the Town of Pleasant Valley Clerk's Office, located at 1554 Main Street, or at GE Masten Feeds located at 1 W Road in Pleasant Valley.

Once application is filled out, applicants will need to provide a picture of the hero in uniform (if possible), and specific military records (DD-214 form or military ID). Each banner will cost $200 and will need to be paid for in advance.

Where Will the Banners be Displayed?

There will be 3 hamlets available for the banners including, Pleasant Valley, Salt Point, and Washington Hollow. The committee will take location requests for applicants banners, but approximate location is subject to availability.

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