The City of Danbury has sent out a notice to all residents that they may experince discolored water Tuesday night and Wednesday.

The reason for the notice is that the West Lake Water Treatment Plant will be shut down starting tonight at 9 PM (September 21), in order to replace a valve as part of their Valve Replacement Program.

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According to the notice posted on the city's website, The West Lake Plant will remain shut down until approximately 9 AM on Wednesday (September 22).  

If you're a water customer that gets fed by that particular plant, the city says your water supply will not be impacted because the Margerie Water Treatment Plant will provide water to all customers throughout the time that the West Lake Plant is shut down.

The notice also warns that some residents who normally get their water from the West Lake Plant, may experience discolored water during the plant shutdown. If you do experience water that looks somewhat discolored or possibly rusty, the City advises that you run your cold water tap until the discolored water clears. Also according to the notice, you should put off washing clothes, and limit your use of hot water until the water problem clears up.

When the West Lake Plant shut down ends, crews will them immediately be out flushing fire hydrant's to alleviate the discolored water problem.

The city doesn't expect any long term effects from this shutdown, but if there are any updates, they will be posted on the city's website, and on the City of Danbury's Facebook page.

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