Kids love it, but your wallet? Not so much. The Build-a-Bear Workshop in the Danbury Fair Mall found on the second level, is a destination for families from far and wide.

I have to admit, we used to plan visits to the Build-a-Bear Workshops frequently to bribe our kids for anything and everything (guilty as charged). We even stooped so low as to persuade the kids’ grandparents to take them, because our bank account was busted. The reward for us were some seriously happy kids. Somehow, you always end up spending more money there than you plan to there, but this could help.

This Thursday is your day if you’re looking for a bargain for you and the kids. For one day only, it’s a deal you won’t wanna refuse: it’s 'Pay Your Age Day'

According to People, Customers pay the dollar amount of their age. If your child is three years old you pay three dollars. Here's more info about this awesome deal, and happy bear building!

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