One of the most gorgeous performing arts venues in Connecticut is GoodWorks Infinity Hall in Norfolk. When my wife and I moved to Torrington, I was excited to be that much closer to Infinity. We've seen a few shows there over the years and we love it. Trouble is, there hasn't been too many events at the Norfolk Infinity throughout 2022, the Hartford Infinity is getting all the bookings. Why? Well, I have a partial explanation.

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The beautiful building which houses GoodWorks Infinity Hall at 20 Greenwoods Road in Norfolk, is in the process of being donated to a 501c3 organization "Dedicated to maintaining the historic building as a focal point of community and entertainment in the village". This is according to an e-mail that I received from Infinity Music Hall. The e-mail goes on to say that the building will be renamed, but GoodWorks Entertainment/Infinity Hall will exclusively continue to book and promote talent for their slate of concerts and events.

The email continues with, "We respect you may have many questions about the fate of the music hall and restaurant and ask for your continued patience as many of the details are still being worked out" and closes with "This public/private partnership will provide the organization with the ability to leverage the property for the public benefit while still bringing the great concerts, comedy shows, and other live entertainment to the area."

So, they're still counting beans and cutting through red tape. Live entertainment has emerged intact through the pandemic, but the ripples are still hitting smaller venues. It's good to finally hear why there hasn't been much activity at the historic building, and even better news that someone is stepping in to assume the day-to-day activities that will keep Norfolk's arts and entertainment centerpiece alive.

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