If I have learned anything after 44 years on this planet its this, humans don't like to be embarrassed.

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That is why I found this statistic shocking because the behavior should be a source of embarrassment. According to Intelligent.com, "1 in 5 employers have had a recent college graduate bring a parent to a job interview."

The 2023 Intelligent study also revealed the following:

  • 38% of employers avoid hiring recent college graduates in favor of older employees
  • 58% say recent college graduates are unprepared for the workforce
  • Nearly half of employers have had to fire a recent college graduate

We brought this up for discussion on the Tuesday (1/9/24) edition of the I-95 Morning Show.

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Then, we asked our Connecticut listeners if they had any similar stories. These are some of the messages we got from employers:

Kolena - (Danbury) - "We had people have their parents call them out sick. Then argue with the managers about the issue."

Woman with sick baby calling doctor

Deli Daddy - (Bethel) - "I’ve had a parent come and help their child on the job pushing carts. Their child called them and said they had a lot of work and need support. Haha."

Half-buried shopping cart in a dirty snow bank

Dr. Evil - (New Milford) - "This whole job thing is so effed up now. It’s so true about these young kids now coming out of college. They think they’re entitled and they expect to get paid ridiculous amounts of money with no experience and most of them are lazy. They spend too much time on their phones and computers, communicating with each other that they don’t know how to make eye contact with people in a normal conversation. I was involved in interviewing and hiring people during COVID and some of the people that we got I could not believe. We had one instance where we hired somebody, they came in, went through orientation and then they never showed up for the first day of work."

Happy teen in yellow using phone at home

Taking your parent to a job interview!? Who thinks that this is a good idea?

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